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Terms of Use

Terms of use in the version of 05.05.2020

I. General

  1. The contract of use is concluded between TANZRAUM WEDDING GbR and the respective user of the studio/dance hall.

  2. The user informs himself in the instructions available in the studio/dance hall about the use of the music system and contacts the staff of the dance or theatre office for this purpose.

  3. Subletting by the user is not permitted. In the event of infringement, the usage relationship shall end with immediate effect.

  4. The doors to the studio/dance hall are to be closed during use in order to reduce the volume and prevent theft.

  5. The user shall avoid disturbing noise during use and when leaving the Osramhöfe, especially after 24.00 hours. In any case, windows must be kept closed during rehearsals with higher volumes.

  6. Bringing pets into the studio/dance hall is not permitted.

  7. Leaving items of clothing in the rehearsal room is not desirable; they will be disposed of by the cleaning staff without any claim for reimbursement.

  8. Bringing food and/or drinks (into the studio/dance hall) is not permitted.

  9. The studio/dance hall may only be entered barefoot or with ballet shoes.

  10. No adhesive strips may be applied to the dance carpet (floor covering of the studios).

II. Duties of the user
  1. The user is solely responsible for compliance with safety and fire protection regulations and for the removal of any gross contamination caused by him/her during the period of use.

  2. Smoking is prohibited in the studio/dance hall and in the entire building.

  3. The TANZRAUM WEDDING GbR will clean the floor and the sanitary areas 6 times a week until further notice.

  4. When leaving the studio/dance hall the user checks that all electrical devices as well as the light are switched off and all windows are closed.

  5. Any defects or damage to the rooms or objects occurring during use must be reported immediately to the Dance and Theatre Office. Structural changes of any kind may not be made by the user (see also section I, item 10).

  6. A booking or reservation fee of 50 % of the usage fee is due upon booking. Only after payment of this fee will the booking be marked "final". Before this point in time there is only a non-binding reservation. Due to this the TANZRAUM WEDDING GbR is not obliged to grant the later use.

  7. The remaining usage fee (= minus the booking or reservation flat rate) in the amount of 50 % is due three weeks before the start of usage.

  8. Final booking times can also be cancelled in writing three weeks before the start of use, after which the lost hours are subject to a charge and the corresponding usage fee must be paid in full.

  9. In case of cancellation in time the booking fee of 50 % will not be refunded by TANZRAUM WEDDING GbR.

  10. TANZRAUM WEDDING GbR is entitled to make available times of use, which are not claimed by the user within 30 minutes after agreed beginning of use, to another user.

III. liability
  1. The user shall be liable without limitation and to the value of the replacement or restoration for any damage caused by the user and his employees in the studio/dance hall and to the equipment.

  2. The user is liable himself/herself and without limitation for accidents and injuries occurring in the course of use. The user reserves the right to take out his own insurance for these cases.

  3. The TANZRAUM WEDDING GbR is not liable for damages at objects brought by the user or for their loss.

  4. The user is liable himself, and in full extent, for thefts of private or property of the TANZRAUM WEDDING GbR, which were made possible by not keeping the security of the room during the use or the theft of left keys.

IV. Termination of the usage relationship
  1. The user is obliged to remove all objects brought in and deposited by him/her after expiry of the period of use, otherwise disposal will be effected at the expense of the user.

  2. With offence against the above mentioned agreements the TANZRAUM WEDDING GbR can terminate the user contract without notice with immediate effect.

  3. If one or more points of the agreement should be completely or partly ineffective, the validity of the remaining points is not affected by it.

V. Hygiene requirements (Corona)
  1. The user undertakes to observe all official requirements in connection with the Corona Pandemic (distance regulations, number of participants, etc.).

  2. Masks are compulsory in all common areas (corridor, changing area, toilets).

  3. Furthermore, the user is obliged to air the studio for 15 minutes before and after each use.

VI. Acknowledgment

We / I have / have taken note of the terms of use:

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